ParaMind Brainstorming Software Professional Version
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Product name:  ParaMind Brainstorming Software Professional Version
Publisher:  Paramind 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $79.95
Commission:  15.00%

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Hi, we¿re excited about offering our product for you to sell. ParaMind has been selling its brainstorming software products since 1993. We want to offer you a high commission. See for more information on the program. Thank you for selling our software. We are glad we could both benefit. Sincerely yours, ParaMind Brainstorming Software.
The ParaMind Brainstorming Software Professional version introduces a totally automated brainstorming experience. In older versions of our popular brainstorming program, the user would have make a few mouse clicks to get back computer-generated text based on their sentence. In the new version, all the user has to do is type in a sentence and press one button and the computer feeds back hundreds of interesting ideas based on their sentence. There are several new features unique only to the Professional Version as well as the important updates found in the Standard Version 3.1. The ParaMind Professional Version is the most powerful and useful generative brainstorming software programever designed. It will give one not only important insights on ideas but countless hours of fun as well.