MondoLessons for ACT! 2008
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Product name:  MondoLessons for ACT! 2008
Publisher:  Mondo Media 
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Platform:  Windows
Availability:  Purchase Link Purchase Link
Price:  $159.00
Commission:  30.00%

 Message from publisher
We now offer the training videos on CD-ROM. Each PC is protected by a hardware fingerprint so we reduce piracy.
Along with displaying "Buy" links for a publisher's product, you can also earn commission by providing a trial version that will enable users to later purchase the product (Windows systems only). Some benefits of this method are:

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  • eSellerate SalesTrac Technology (eST) used to package the product ensures that you receive credit for the sale.

(No trial download for MondoLessons for ACT! 2008 is available.)