KidsWatch Web Filtering Edition Upgrade V7.0 download
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Product name:  KidsWatch Web Filtering Edition Upgrade V7.0 download
Publisher:  Computer Business Solutions 
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Platform:  Windows
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KidsWatch is one of America's leading Parental Control Software packages that allows you to limit and control the time your children spend on the computer, access the Internet or play games. KidsWatch helps you block unwanted software from being installed, prevents overuse and allows you to balance your child's day. With KidsWatch you will be able to: - Filter the websites your children can gain access to - Monitor Chat conversations and receive email alerts when suspect words or phrases are encountered - Allow your children to extend any of their restrictions for that day with temporary one time use passwords - Extend, reduce, lock, bypass and reinstate restrictions remotely from any PC on your home network - View the web sites your child visits, the programs they use and when they were active on the computer. Have these reports emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. - Control Every Aspect of Windows - Limit Internet Surfing, chatting and game playing to a time and duration appropriate for each child - Schedule the number of hours each child can use the computer, per day or by week - Automatically log your child out of their computer when it`s time for lights out - Block younger siblings from gaining access to the Internet - Lock down the computer to prevent your child from pirating music or installing inappropriate software - Easily share computer time among siblings The combinations are endless! Mix and match the time, duration and program options for each child and create the schedules that suite your family's needs. KidsWatch helps you have command over the time and activity your children spend on the computer and the Internet. Help your kids stay away from trouble and take the next step to parental supervision - computer supervision!