Movie Montage v3.3 (Mac_OSX)
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Product name:  Movie Montage v3.3 (Mac_OSX)
Publisher:  Findley Designs, Inc. 
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Platform:  Macintosh
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Price:  $19.95
Commission:  5.00%
Movie Montage does for movies what iPhoto has done for photos. With digital cameras shooting small movie files, the proliferation of consumer DV cameras and the advent of video on the iPod everyday users are now interacting with video on a much more frequent basis. With video files becoming common place on the computer the need for a quick display system become more important. Movie Montage was created to fill this need by allowing the user to preview large folders of movies very quickly and even display fullscreen slideshows of movies that play one after another. Movie Montage also provides batch file re-naming, batch exporting, batch iPod exporting, viewing/copying of movie files directly form the iPod and autoplay with mouse rollover. With the ability to display up to 100 movies on one page, Movie Montage is the easiest way to view movies on the Mac. -Display up to 100 Quicktime movies in one window -Play movies by just rolling the mouse over thumbnails -Automatically resizes thumbnails to maxium size possible -Control Click movies to play in single window. -Doubleclick movies for automatic full screen slideshows - Export iPod format movies - Quickly rename movie - Batch export using any Quicktime codec - Save your favorite folders right in the application - Simple user interface