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Product name:  SQLXP 3.0
Publisher:  Netlegger Systems 
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Platform:  Windows
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Netlegger Systems is pleased to announce the next version of its successfully database tool, SQLXP. New features such as "Web Content Producers" is sure to be a hit with existing and future customers.
SQLXP lets you connect to any type of database by using ADO technology. Exploring databases by simply double-clicking the database objects in the browser window. Develop SQL faster with syntax highlighting and code completion of tables, views, procedures, fields, and parameters. Make your SQL robust with SQL Tuning for faster execution of statements, and server output to help you debug functions, procedures, and packages. Develop reusable parameterized SQL statements by using SQLXP's Parameter Binding option, then store your SQL in the SQL repository for quick recall. Create and Alter tables, views, functions, procedure, packages, and triggers. Use the table viewer to view columns, keys, indexes and data. Add or remove columns, primary & foreign keys, and indexes. Edit table data directly, insert, update and delete records in the data grid. Generate SQL statements from the database, create table, index and insert statements. Use the command window to run SQL scripts like DDL statements created from the script generator. Also use the command window to execute SQL statements against the database like PL\SQL blocks, then view the server output. If you need SQL help, use the SQL Syntax window to get a list of SQL statements, and database functions. SQLXP displays data in grid and text form, and allows you to export data to many different formats. The SQL editor provides many advanced text editor features. SQLXP also supports saving data to and from blob fields.