Office Pro X - Mac/ PowerPC processor
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Product name:  Office Pro X - Mac/ PowerPC processor
Publisher:  Butler Software Solutions 
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Platform:  Macintosh
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Price:  $59.95
Commission:  30.00%

 Message from publisher
"Office Productivity Suites are the #1 'must have' software in the World!" Now is your chance to have the money you always dreamed of by becoming a Butler Software Solutions affiliate and offering this highly sought after Microsoft Office alternative software. Market your specially assigned links on your website, in forums, email-- you name it! Just sign up and copy/paste one of the links wherever you go on the internet and watch the money role in! Be sure to sign up for "automatic sign up" for new product releases!
100% Microsoft Office Compatible. Butler Office Professional provides the interface and productivity that seamlessly integrates with all your Microsoft Office documents. Our Microsoft Office alternative software is 100% guaranteed compatible with Microsoft Office and was designed with your needs in mind!

  • Open, read and edit Microsoft Office documents from disk, e-mail or download!
  • Seamlessly exchange information between Butler Office Professional and Microsoft Office.
  • Take your work home with you. Microsoft Office will also read Butler Office Professional documents- no hassles, no worries.

With Butler Office Professional, your data is in good hands.

With Butler Office Pro's Advanced Auto Save feature you can not only set up your environment to automatically save your documents at predetermined intervals, but also Butler Office Pro will automatically attempt to save your valuable work the instant it detects that your Windows or Mac operating system might independently crash. How's that for security!

Stop Worrying- Be Creative

No longer is there a need to spend hundreds of dollars on Office software whose glitches and unpredictable behavior let you down when you least expect it.

Spend your Money on Yourself- Not on Software