ParaMind Brainstorming Software 2.3 for Mac 68K Users
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Product name:  ParaMind Brainstorming Software 2.3 for Mac 68K Users
Publisher:  Paramind 
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Platform:  Macintosh
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Price:  $39.95
Commission:  10.00%

 Message from publisher
Hi, I'm excited about offering my product for you to sell. ParaMind has been selling its brainstorming software product since 1993. I want to offer you a high commission. See for more information on the program.
ParaMind is totally customizable and can be used to logically expand any idea. It comes with a database of 450 related word chains, and you can add as many of your own as you like. From Inc. Magazine: "ParaMind Brainstorming Program. A great way to brainstorm ideas on almost any topic." ParaMind is the only brainstorming program built on an advanced enough theory so that you can use it for all applications: from marketing to law to creative writing and scientific inventions. The process is simple and easy to use.