eReminder Special Edition with DesktopMates Agents
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Product name:  eReminder Special Edition with DesktopMates Agents
Publisher:  eTime company 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $55.00
Commission:  40.00%
This very special edition of eReminder Pro is every bit as exciting as it is full featured. We have not only upgraded the professional edition with great new functions and security features we have given it charm and made it a heck of a lot of fun to get yourself organized! Talking Agents from DesktopMates turn eReminder Special Edition into the private secretary you always wish you had! For the guys lovely Mandy pops onto your screen and beautifully brings important matters to your direct attention using the latest text to speech technology combined with lifelike feminine charm and an elegant English accent. For the ladies, Rick is chiseled, dressed to impress and at your service.

Never share your personal life again with web based calendars, or deal with password quirks at logon. eReminder Special Edition keeps your private data private - and on your own computer. Furthermore, you will never again risk losing all your important scheduling data from a hard drive crash because eReminder Special Edition automatically backs itself up to the media of your choice; per your pre-set scheduling.

Not only can you send yourself reminder emails - you can send automated reminder emails to other parties. You can even set them to go out on a recurring basis. Weekly, monthly - whenever. You can also easily integrate Microsoft Outlook into eReminder Special Edition and share data between the two. eReminder Pro has always been the most robust organizational tool available but now eReminder Special Edition is the most fun and charming as well. There's nothing like it anywhere else!

Some of the many great features:

eReminder Center

  • View by day, week, month, year, or all tasks/appointments
  • Recurring tasks/appointments
  • Show tasks/appointments in different view
  • Flag an appointment with completion
  • Find Now
  • Just show work time Just showing work time you specified in calendar.
  • To-do-list inside
  • Colorful notes
  • Stick notes on the desktop
  • Manage holidays and add holidays to calendar
  • Colors for place/region
  • Powerful Print
  • Customize work week&time
  • Easy of using with rich help
  • State-of-the-art graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Run automatically when the system start
  • Fully functional evaluation

eReminder TopBar

  • Show/Hide top bar 
  • Prevent notification
  • Show next reminder information
  • Show date and time dynamically
  • Count down when schedule due 
  • Customize the display style

eReminder Message

  • Read notification content
  • Popup an agent
  • Send notification mails
  • Play wave
  • Execute application
  • Snooze notification
  • Dismiss notification
  • Play notification


  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook
  • Bi-directional synchronization for tasks/appointments/notes between Microsoft Outlook.