Marble Journey for Mac
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Product name:  Marble Journey for Mac
Publisher:  INNOTECH Roman Budzowski 
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Platform:  Macintosh
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Price:  $4.95
Commission:  40.00%
Match magic marbles to escape Marbleland. You wake up at beautiful, spring meadow. Fresh greenness of grass emphasizes the rich palette of flower colors and your nostrils are pleasantly teased by a subtle mixture of their scents. Friendly surroundings and a happy chirp of birds tempt you to stay longer, but you soon realize that you're all alone here. You're anxious about your friends and decide to find them as soon as possible. You begin your search in the nearby forest. Match magic marbles to escape Marbleland. Get a break for your brain on the quest through 97 exciting levels. With 5 types of game play you'll never get bored. * Exciting pooping action with an adventure theme * Collapse marbles in 5 different ways * 2 fun fun mini-games * Buy upgrades to blast marbles quicker