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Product name:  AutoLogonWindow
Publisher:  ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc. 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $29.95
Commission:  25.00%
Hello, I am Paul Mayer, the President of ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc. I've been using Internet shortcut tools since the Internet started when I worked for Microsoft as the MSN Shareware Library Manager. Through the years, newer versions of Windows came out and I¿ve migrated from one shortcut program to another keeping up with technology. I finally ended up with one shortcut manager and one password manager that I had been using for years from Windows 98 through XP. When Vista came along, neither of these applications would work any longer. Contacting the developers of these two programs, all I got from one was ¿Sorry, there is nothing I can do.¿ and no response at all from the other.

I have many password protected websites I visit on a daily basis, banking, on-line stores that I buy from, websites that I enter information into through password protected back ends, and others. Many with different requirements, like the password must be 10 characters long with at least 1 alpha character, one number and one special character or another that is almost the same but does not allow special characters. This becomes a headache and the password tool I was using made it all automatic. A few mouse clicks and I was in each site. But now that it stopped working in Vista, I turned to my staff of developers and said, ¿We need to come up with a shortcut / password safe that can do everything my old programs did plus more under Vista.¿

This has been the single most difficult project we have ever undertaken because of the Vista security issues breaking the old tools I used, our developers had to research and come up with solutions to blend in and work with Vista. They did, and not only that, our new program works under Windows XP, 200, NT, 2003 and Vista!

So AutoLogonWindow was born¿

AutoLogonWindow will not only store all of your favorite websites and need only a single master password to open, but will automatically add sites including the logon information and even automatically enter that logon information for you.