El Capitan: A Take Control Crash Course
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Product name:  El Capitan: A Take Control Crash Course
Publisher:  alt concepts inc. 
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Platform:  Platform Independent
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Price:  $10.00
Commission:  30.00%

 Message from publisher
Hi folks, This is a one-page placeholder PDF so people can pre-order the actual book, which we'll publish after Apple releases El Capitan to the public. I don't recommend publicizing or linking to this book until we ship the full 1.1 version - I'm merely making it available so you get credit for it in case someone happens to order it after coming from your affiliate site. cheers... -Adam
Learn OS X 10.11 El Capitan lickety-split with author Scholle McFarland in this Take Control Crash Course. Pick the topics you want to read as you explore interface changes, new features, and important new ways of working in key Apple apps. You'll also find special topics about Finder tags, Finder window tabs, OS X Recovery, and more. 111 pages. Version 1.2.