"The Russian Skills Activator"
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Product name:  "The Russian Skills Activator"
Publisher:  Aliaksandr Patapchanka 
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Price:  $48.00
Commission:  30.00%

 Message from publisher
Around 100,000 entrants begin the study of Russian language classes every year. More than 300,000 international students already studying in Russian universities. They need the practical skills of the Russian language. "The Master Key to Russian" - is a new and effective method of teaching practical spoken Russian. It is a method that converts a knowledge into the skills. It is believed that the Russian language is difficult. I tell you, there is no complex languages. There are sophisticated methods of teaching. Just try it out free lessons. They are available here: You will be able to consciously (not as a phrase book) speak from the first lesson. Make sure yourself the effectiveness of the method to safely offer this course to your client.
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