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Product name:  Webseecon
Publisher:  Astoundit 
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Platform:  Macintosh
Availability:  Purchase Link Purchase Link
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Price:  $9.00
Commission:  5.00%

 Message from publisher
The lower commission rate is due to the lower price of this specific product. Our other software products offer much higher commission rates and we recommend that Astoundit Affiliates list/link to more than just one of our products. Especially with this software application, "Webseecon", which has a lower selling price - which is a great way to grab customers' attention, and then also show them our other products. We have found this method of marketing (Specifically Webseecon) extremely beneficial for Affiliate sales and it tends to boost the overall profit that Astoundit Affiliates (You) generate. We have been in the software business for many years now, and have gained extensive experience in the area of affiliate marketing methods. However, the #1 sales and website marketing tactic that we have always found to be the most effective is - that when you have an affiliate website with our software products on it, we HIGHLY recommend that you take advantage of the fact that you can freely choose to sell *all* of our products (And not just any *one*, such as *just* Webseecon) -- Thus, you can easily choose to sell ALL of our products, which tend to grab customers' attention when they see related products by the same developer... In short, we recommend that all Astoundit Affiliates (You) take advantage of the fact that you can choose to sell ALL of our products on your website -- which then gives you the optimal chance of making sales (Due to our varied product line of software products for many types of potential customer interests, etc.).
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