iSite WiFi Essentials
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Product name:  iSite WiFi Essentials
Publisher:  Meritech Co., Ltd. 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $495.00
Commission:  30.00%

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Meritech is a leading provider of mobile telemetry systems offering several innovative products for WiFi, RFID and GSM-UMTS networks. Our mission is to create new ways of viewing network operation by integrating wireless telemetry devices and location tracking technology. As a Meritech affiliate, you will benefit from the success your customers experience when using our products. We take great care to make sure our software gets the job done. At Meritech, we focus on providing exceptional products that contribute to the success of our customers. To insure that our products are easy to use and effective, we support our products with a team of highly dedicated professionals.
Essential survey features for WiFi network management. Plot signal coverage and interference on maps of your facility. Please note that this is a NODE LOCKED LICENSE. The application is locked to one computer after activation and cannot be transferred.