Guitar Chord Finder
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Product name:  Guitar Chord Finder
Publisher:  DPR Technology 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $4.99
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Guitar Chord Finder - The amazing guitar chord finder with progression player gives you access to over 3000 chords with instant playback. Great as a reference! Great as a practice aid. Find chords in specific positions. Build custom chord progressions or practice sheets, then play them back or print them out. Features include: Over 3000 chords. More than 40 different chord types. Search chords by key, chord type, root string, fret position. Select between open and moveable chords or both. Audio playback and continuously loop playback. Build chord progressions or print sheets by dragging chords from the search window to the print/progression window. Play back progressions continuously. Print chords. Save any number of print/progressions for later recall. Zoom chord grids in and out. Tune the guitar up or down in half step increments.