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Product name:  Bugatron
Publisher:  Red Marble Games 
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Platform:  Macintosh
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Price:  $19.99
Commission:  20.00%
Bugatron is the ultimate arcade combination: it starts with classic retro arcade fun and then takes it into a new dimension -- literally! Bugatron is an all-3D arcade shooter that sets itself apart from all the clones with creative level design that completely reinvents the genre. You don't just blast diving, swooping enemies. It starts there, but you'll also find: - Bugs that orbit, hide, dance, disappear, and whoosh out of the screen - Unique powerups that you've never seen before -- and some you need to avoid - Bonus levels that challenge your shooting skills - Easy controls so you can start playing immediately - Cool retro music and sounds - Bright, shiny, colorful 3D graphics