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Product name:  Metronome
Publisher:  DPR Technology 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $4.99
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In order to become a competent musician, perfect musical timing is required. No practicing musician or student can be without a metronome. The Metronome program is a program that works exactly as classic handheld metronomes without the annoying wires, dead batteries, and bulky adapters. Features include: A sleek compact style that runs on most PCs. Time signature variation - from 1 to 12 beats per measure. Both audio and video cues. Tempo variation - between 30 and 250 beats per measure. Different audio and video cue for downbeat. Select from 46 different sounds for downbeat and upbeat. Automatically increment beats per measure after a user defined number of beats. Configurable transition sound for auto increment when beats per measure is about to change.