Take Control of Your Digital Legacy
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Product name:  Take Control of Your Digital Legacy
Publisher:  alt concepts inc. 
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Hey folks, This is a truly unique book, in that it tackles a topic that will affect nearly everyone who uses computers today. So much of our lives exists only in digital form, but until now there hasn't been any calm, detailed advice that will help people preserve their digital legacies. Whether it's something you're concerned about for yourself, or for your elderly relatives, take a look at this book and tell your people about it! As always, if you need a review copy, just ping me at cheers... -Adam
How do you want to be remembered? A will takes care of your physical possessions, but what about your digital life — photos, email, files, and the like? If you want to pass your electronic ephemera on as part of your digital legacy, turn to tech expert Joe Kissell for advice on dealing with large quantities of data, file formats, media types, the need for a “digital executor,” and more. 127 pages. Version 1.0.