iSkysoft DVD Copy Pro for Mac
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Product name:  iSkysoft DVD Copy Pro for Mac
Publisher:  Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. 
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Platform:  Macintosh
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Price:  $39.00
Commission:  60.00%

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Make Full-Quality DVD Backup Copies
Support D9 to D5 Compression
Besides D9 to D9 copy, it supports compressing the information stored on 9GB, dual-layer DVDs so that they can be recorded onto standard 4.7GB DVD-Rs.
Copy DVDs to DVD-Rs
Directly copy commercial DVDs to DVD-Rs to protect them from damage that might make them unplayable. Or duplicate homemade DVDs, say a wedding video, for family members who also wants a record of those special moments in life.
Backup DVDs on Mac
Make full quality DVD backups on Mac or external hard drive, either in DVD Folder or dvdmedia file format ready to be played from the hard drive with DVD Player, to simplify entertainment on the go and avoid losing or damaging your gems. Or you can save DVDs as ISO file on Mac for easy movie sharing.
Enjoy Movies On The Go
Burn to DVD for Convenient Playback
Burn DVD movie to a blank disc and play it anywhere you like: On the DVD player in your kids' room or on the road in your car DVD player, keep the original safely on the shelf.
Save DVD Movies to Hard Disk
Save DVD movies to hard disk so you don't need to lug around---or worry about damaging---a bunch DVD discs. Besides watching movies from the hard drive saves less battery than using laptop's optical driver.
Support External Optical Driver
When inserting DVD, you can choose to use external optical driver to copy DVD if there are more than one optical driver.
Choose Features to Record to the Copy
Select Subtitle and Sound Track
Choose the subtitle and sound track you want to copy to your DVD Backup.
DVD Feature Selection
Make an exact copy of the whole DVD or movie-only copy so that the movie starts playing right away. You can also just select any title(s) of the DVD you want to burn to DVD-R or rip to DVD files on Mac.
Compress DVD to Save Storage Space
Select D9 to D5 compression to recompresses large DVDs so they can be burned on a standard DVD. To whittle down the data size of DVD, you can select main movie copy, without any special features or DVD menu, with the subtitle and audio you want.
Neat interface and self-explanatory options make DVD copy on Mac as easy as ABC, preview window helps you find the title you need quickly.
Your DVD movies are at your fingertips and you can share the backup files or the disc you burned with your friends and family easily.
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