Budget (macOS; download)
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Product name:  Budget (macOS; download)
Publisher:  Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC 
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Platform:  Macintosh
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Price:  $39.95
Commission:  15.00%

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate and selling Budget. Please feel free to consult us about the commissions we offer, which in some special cases may be increased individually depending on the product being sold and other variables. To find out more contact us at See for more information on this application, and other applications we produce.

Requires macOS v10.5 or later.

Tired of living payday to payday? Can't get out of debt? Finances in a mess? Try a better way to manage your checkbook. Budget is based on the tried and true 'Envelope' method of budgeting - a much easier way to see where your money is, where it's needed, and where it went.

Why use programs like Quicken® and MS® Money that tell you where you spent your money after you have spent it, when what you really need to know is how much money you have before you spend it? Budget shows you how much money you have allocated in every category so you never spend more than you have.

Academic and volume licensing available upon request