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Promote this great product to your lists - improve efficiency, uncover secrets to action, overcome adversity and master time management.
Some of the Indispensable Secrets to Action covered in this book: Identify and Deal with factors that delay or stop action. Develop attitudes that increase productivity and happiness. Discover Thoughts that accelerate action. Maximise our time by identifying common ways that time (and life) are lost. Learn about Working methods that increase efficiency and productivity. Recognise causes of procrastination and discover strategies to overcome them. Learn about the Role of external factors on action and happiness. Read Famous speeches, passages from literature and thoughts that instill a desire to act and live. Develop a mindset that encourages action. Implement structures that increase our focus and productivity. Insights on Planning Life and Projects. The importance of meaning and reasons to act. Identify patterns of thinking and perception that may require adjustment. Reflections on wealth and possessions, that could make you re-evaluate your priorities. This is a 285 page book, delivered to you as a PDF file which you can download and read on your computer or laptop, or print out and read on the bus.