eReminder Premier - Agenda & Organizer
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Product name:  eReminder Premier - Agenda & Organizer
Publisher:  eTime company 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $50.00
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eReminder has a rich set of functionality to aid you in managing your tasks/appointments/notes. The followings list the basic features of eReminder:

eReminder Center

  • View by day, week, month, year, or all tasks/appointments
  • Recurring tasks/appointments If a task/appointment occurs at regular intervals, schedule it regularly.
  • Show tasks/appointments in different view Displaying tasks/appointments in different view.
  • Complete an appointment When have finished an appointment, you can flag it with completion.
  • Filter  Filtering of your tasks/appointments list content. Filtering appointments to display in calendar.
  • Find Now You can search the tasks/appointments for specific keywords in your tasks/appointments list.
  • Just show work time Just showing work time you specified in calendar.
  • To-do-list inside Task/appointment entry provides to-do-list sub-table inside, which makes you describe it in details.
  • Colorful notes Making different color for different note, and making easy to identify your notes.
  • Note on the desktop Sticking note on the desktop.
  • Manage holidays You can add or edit any holiday.
  • Add holidays to calendar
  • Color for place/region Providing color to identify different place/region entry.
  • Useful Copy Copying the selected entries to clipboard.
  • Powerful Print
  • Customize work week&time
  • Easy of using with rich help
  • State-of-the-art graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Run at the system start
  • Fully functional evaluation The free evaluation version works exactly as the registered version.

eReminder TopBar

  • Show/Hide top bar Hiding top bar to make more room in the desktop.
  • Prevent notification Preventing any notification to popup when you are working some important things in computer, or you are playing some game.
  • Show next reminder information Moving mouse to top bar to show next reminder information.
  • Show date and time dynamically
  • Count down when schedule due 
  • Customize the display style You can customize the top bar as transparent or any foreground and background color as you like.

eReminder Message

  • Read notification content You can specify three kinds of voice to read.
  • Popup an agent Popping up an agent, and reading the notification to you.
  • Send notification mails Sending message to your specified Email addresses.
  • Play wave Playing any wave file you specified.
  • Execute application Executing any application or opening any file associated with application, such as Microsoft Word document, mp3 file, and so on.
  • Make computer log off, reboot, etc
  • Snooze notification Snoozing a reminder to make it reminder later.
  • Dismiss notification Accepting a reminder.
  • Play notification Replaying the notification, and doing again the same actions of the notification.


  • With Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project/Project Server, Intuit QuickBooks

Database Management

  • Compress database
  • Backup database
  • Restore database