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Product name:  inCubus
Publisher:  inDev Software 
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Platform:  Palm OS
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Price:  $4.95
Commission:  25.00%

inCubus is simple but addictive logical game which will explode your mind for sure! It has unique game concept -- a combination of well-known Bejeweled, old classic Tetris and Color Lines. Once you try it you'll never stop.

So, the basic idea of inCubus is to collect same colors on front sides of cubes by rotating them. You can see only three sides of cube (front, top and right), but opposite sides of each cube are identical, i.e. cube can contain maximum of three different colors. It also means that there is no difference in which direction you turn the cube -- to the left or to the right -- result will be the same.

To turn the cube you need to perform three steps:

  • 1. touch the cube you want to turn;
  • 2. drag stylus to desired direction (you will see corresponding arrow);
  • 3. release stylus.
You can always cancel your move (while you are at step 2) by moving stylus to the point where you touched the cube.

Also there is useful feature called global rotation: all cubes can be turned simultaneously. To do this just perform three above steps somewhere on blank space of game field.

There are three different game types in inCubus.

In time competition you have limited amount of time and the goal is to score as much points as possible. You can select suitable time limit from predefined set of 6 values (from 1 to 30 minutes)

Score competition is an opposite game type to time competition: the goal is to decrease given score to zero as fast as possible. There are 5 predefined score limits (from 2500 to 15000 points)

Both time and score competition game types have their own high score tables. You can try to beat predefined scores or clear them and start to build your own.

Third game type -- practice -- is a kind of training. There is no time or score limit, you just play game for fun. Also, there are no high score tables for this type of game.

Each game type has three difficulty levels. When you set higher difficulty level the number of colors on the field increases. Easy level field has only 6 colors, medium -- 9 and at high difficulty you play with 12 colors.

Combining all this stuff together gives you an ability to explore and select game type you will like!


  • each single goalless cube turn: -10 points
  • global rotation: -50 points
  • each removed cube: +10 points (multiplied by combo level)

Minimum requirements:

  • Palm OS version 5.0 or higher;
  • high resolution screen density;
  • 300K free memory.