FocusFixer - Mac : Download
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Product name:  FocusFixer - Mac : Download
Publisher:  FixerLabs 
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Platform:  Macintosh
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Price:  $45.00
Commission:  50.00%
Top selling software that is the ultimate sharpening tool. And not only will FocusFixer restore detail, it will add clarity and quality for forensic as well as aesthetic applications. Use it on 8- or 16-bit colour and monochrome digital pictures and even photographs taken by traditional methods and scanned into a PC or Mac.

Our plug-ins are developed to work with Adobe's Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements) and Corel's Paint Shop Pro, as well as other Photoshop plug-in-compatible host applications. We maintain a list of compatible host applications on our website. We offer both Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows versions.