Personal File Server
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Product name:  Personal File Server
Publisher:  Wrinx Labs, Inc. 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $34.95
Commission:  20.00%
With Personal File Server it is very easy to host multiple files and folders including but not limited to audio/video files, documents, photos or pictures, spreadsheets, and even user restricted source code without needing to move any data on your drive. The built-in Virtual File System (VFS) lets users to deeply penetrate any customized version of files and directory structure with limit less features to support user interaction, limits, permissions and restrictions. Separate configurations can be made for pre-configured virtual systems and can be reloaded anytime making it so simple! It is very easy to install Personal File Server and start sharing files within minutes. The trial version is operational for 20 minutes but within few minutes user can start using Personal File Server with unlimited usage after online or manual web activation. A very flexible solution for file sharing at home and office, network and internet, between friends and colleagues; Personal File Server is proven to be the most advanced web based solution for file sharing available today.