DemoRecorder-Pro (site-license medium (100 hosts), max 1 contact )
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Product name:  DemoRecorder-Pro (site-license medium (100 hosts), max 1 contact )
Publisher:  DI Christian Linhart GmbH 
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Platform:  Linux
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Price:  $6,933.00
Commission:  17.00%

 Message from publisher
Site-licenses are now available for DemoRecorder. You get a 17% commission, which can result in quite significant money for you, given the prices of the site-licenses.
Site license for using DemoRecorder-Pro on up to fixed 100 hosts with the following limitations:
  • max 1 technical contact person at your site at any given point in time
  • max 2 different technical contact persons at your site within a year ( so you can have a backup contact during off-time of the first person ).
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