GrxView Pro
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Product name:  GrxView Pro
Publisher:  inDev Software 
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Platform:  Palm OS
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Price:  $4.95
Commission:  20.00%
GrxView Pro 3

GrxView Pro 3 is a full-featured image viewer for your Palm. It features multiple native image formats support (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WBMP, PCX, TIFF and DjVu), file manager capabilities, image zooming/panning and flexible plugin-based images decoding.
You do not need to convert images: GrxView Pro reads them in a native format directly from the memory card, so you can review pictures taken with your digital camera right away.
Also GrxView Pro 3 supports Exchange Manager, which allows you to receive and view images of all supported formats from Bluetooth, IR connections and email attachments (tested with SnapperMail and VersaMail).

Version 3 new features:
  • Meta-information browsing. See details of your digital photos (date, camera model, exposure etc.) right from GrxView Pro
  • GIF animation support. View your GIF animation on the Palm without any conversion
  • B/W TIFF memory requirements reduced. 1M free memory is enough for most fax documents to be loaded in native resolution
  • Antialiased images zoom. Ideal for images with small details and text (see illustration below)
  • New refined file manager interface. With all file operations, multiselect and 4 display modes, including two with image thumbnails
  • Faster images decoding. JPEG decoding speed improved by 30%
Main features:
  • Free version updates. You will not have to pay for any other GrxView Pro version
  • Multiple image formats support: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WBMP, PCX, TIFF, DjVu
  • All screen resolutions supported (160x160, 320x320, 320x480 portrait and landscape)
  • Reads images in the native format directly from the memory card (no desktop software needed)
  • Exchange Manager support (sends and receives images via Bluetooth, IR and from other programs)
  • Thumbnail view
  • ARM optimization
  • Full-featured memory card browser
  • Image zoom and rotation
  • Slideshow mode
Minimum requirements:
  • Palm OS version 5.0 or greater
  • 250K free memory
  • Color screen
  • Memory card