ParaMind Lite Brainstorming Software for Windows
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Product name:  ParaMind Lite Brainstorming Software for Windows
Publisher:  Paramind 
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Platform:  Windows
Availability:  Purchase Link Purchase Link
Price:  $29.95
Commission:  10.00%

 Message from publisher
Hi, I'm excited about offering my product for you to sell. ParaMind has been selling its brainstorming software product since 1993. I want to offer you a high commission. See for more information on the program.
For a limited time, ParaMind is offering its ParaMind Lite program for only $19.95. ParaMind Lite will create brainstorms on your original text just like the ParaMind Standard version will. You simple type or paste in your sentence or paragraph, select and follow the Merge Wizard, and get back up to 50 pages of your sentence changed in ways that are related to your subject matter. The new ParaMind Lite 3.0 has the same Word Category database as ParaMind Standard. This is an added value that is new in ParaMind Lite 3.0. ParaMind Lite 3.0 comes with a large online manual, a Merge Wizard which takes out the learning curve, the Word Category Dictionary Editor, a unique separate editing program called PM Select that lets you quickly edit any text-format document in one movement (to some people, having such a program is worth more than $19.95 -- You don't have to select copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste repetitively or save lot's of large files with only a few important things). ParaMind Lite 3.0 also comes with a special dictionary printer so you can have a hard copy of these unique Word Categories. Now with an even lower price for their entry-level product, ParaMind has open the doors to more people for innovative creativity software.