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Product name:  inExpense
Publisher:  inDev Software 
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Platform:  Palm OS
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Price:  $4.95
Commission:  20.00%
inExpense 2
Easy tracking all your expenses on the Palm

Personal finance manager inExpense 2 will help you organize your incomes and expenses in the most intuitive way. Unlike other expense trackers you can use all inExpense 2 features right after installation without even reading the manual. Yet it is very powerful, supporting multiple accounts, currencies, text and graphic reports, desktop synchronization and many other useful features.

inExpense 2

One-hand navigation
inExpense 2 inExpense 2 is a great tool for all the latest Palm handhelds and especially for Treo 650. You can enter new records, switch accounts and see reports without even lifting the stylus, all with your 5-way control, which is very important when managing expenses on the go.

Built-in reporting
inExpense 2 See your incomes and expenses in the graphic form or in grouped text reports right on your Palm. inExpense 2 built-in reporting engine supports different data ranges and category filters so you can have your money flow overview always at your eyes.

Desktop synchronization
inExpense 2 You have an ability to transfer all your expenses to the desktop on every synchronization in CSV and QIF formats with the conduit included (Windows only). Furthermore inExpense 2 has built-it feature to export data directly to the memory card in CSV format.

Full backup feature
inExpense 2 To ensure your data safety inExpense 2 offers you a full backup to the memory card feature additionally to the Palm standard backup-on-synchronization. Just a single tap and all your data will be transferred to the memory card to be restored later if needed.

Password protection
inExpense 2 inExpense 2 helps protecting your sensitive information with a built-in password security feature. You can customize inExpense 2 to ask for a password on every launch or after several minutes of inactivity, either way it will prevent others from browsing your data.