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Product name:  ImageToAVI_CL
Publisher:  Anthony Silver West 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $4.95
Commission:  50.00%

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We appreciate your help, as you can see from your percent of commission.
Remember all those family pictures that have been just sitting there on your hard drive for years? You keep thinking that someday you need to do something about them. Well? Here is your chance to show all your relatives what they used to look like!!

ImageToAVI_CL (command line) will quickly convert a list of image/picture files into an AVI video or GIF animation. The AVI video can then be loaded into your favorite DVD authoring program and burned to disc. Just imagine, your entire family photo collection converted to everlasting 1's and 0's.

With this neat little program you may choose to create video for DVD, SVCD and VCD (both NTSC and PAL supported). An audio file can be added for background music and your own background picture can be added as well. Want to create your own mini video clip instead of a slideshow? Not a problem. ImageToAvi is there to bring out the artist in you!

File formats supported: Image Input: BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, EMF, and ICO. Video Input: AVI video and Animate GIF. --> Image Output: BMP, JPEG, and GIF. Video Output: standard AVI video and GIF Animation. --- Audio input supported: WAV audio (PCM format).