Bellatorus Deluxe
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Product name:  Bellatorus Deluxe
Publisher:  Pangas Entertainment 
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Platform:  Windows
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Price:  $5.00
Commission:  30.00%
Bellatorus is a strategic card game where you attempt to destroy your opponents tower while protecting your own. You can choose the side of good and work with the Priests, focusing on defense and building your mighty tower. Or you can choose the side of Evil and using your Lich's bring about the destruction of your opponents tower. Each offers a completely different play experience and level of strategy making Bellatorus extremely addictive. Once your done with the single player experience take your game online to battle against friends. Bellatorus also offers an engaging Deck Editor making it easy to tweak decks or create brand new ones that can be used either online or against the computer. You can even create new cards and submit then to the Bellatorus community for testing and possible inclusion into the core game itself. If you've been looking for a new strategic card game Bellatorus has everything you need.