Making sense of Astrology
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Product name:  Making sense of Astrology
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As my CV has little bearing upon how well I can create an interesting and informative textbook, I will relate a story instead about how I broke from Western astrology and adopted the ancient Vedic approach, for it was the start of being able to write this e-book. Having studied the former avidly for around 15 years, in 1986 I was trying to compose a book on it and finding it heavier and heavier going. Each day as I sat down to write I had to pull my heart out of my boots and painfully spur myself into action. Eventually being unable to stand the pain any longer, one morning my self-flagellatory endeavour dropped right away, a firm decision to abandon Western astrology manifested and immediately a clear and calm voice spoke, “It is certainly extraordinary what one puts onself through before a release can happen. Western astrology is unsound philosophically, and deliberately so, as it is a form of mind control, appearing to work, but in fact not. You are right to leave it alone at long last; waste no more time on it.” I knew this was the voice of truth and one of life’s truly great moments, for a metaphysical light was streaming in through the windows and filling the room. I felt a surging yet quiet wave of invincible truth overcome the dense rumblings from ego that was chastising me for throwing 15 years of study away and accusing me of being generally ridiculous and pathetic. As I was lightly floating in the happy daze of being released from the chains of a huge mental burden and wondering what I should do next with all the time and space that had just opened up for me, I absent-mindedly pulled a book off the shelf that evening called ‘The Astrology of Inner Space’ (1972). It was written by an American mathematician called Carl Tobey. He was also a very rare breed of astrologer who caused antagonism in conventional circles as he thought outside of the box, meaning he used dispassionate intelligence. He considered that all astrological methods employed would have to make complete philosophical, meaning mathematical sense, otherwise they become absurdities and do not work. He wrote of astrology, “Tons of material of little value has been written about it and all this has to be hulled out. Its purpose is not to predict but to understand... Let’s dig deeper I had found his book some years previously at Fields bookstore in San Francisco whilst living in California. However, I found I was able to re-read Tobey’s book through new eyes as my momentous sacrificial leap must have cleared a deep blockage, and what had seemed murky before was now becoming so much clearer. Moreover, the following day I had a postal delivery containing James Braha’s then recently published ‘Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer’ (1986) which I had forgotten I’d ordered. Here was a stunning piece of synchronicity that powerfully indicated that I was being helped to immediately explore a completely new avenue of astrological thought. In his book, Tobey was demonstrating mathematically that all Unequal House charts are fundamentally flawed and that in his opinion no Western astrologer he had met understood the mathematical designs behind the construction of Houses in a birth chart. Even though unaware of Vedic astrology, he was advocating a mathematically coherent chart structure that is exactly the same, as I soon discovered, to that used by ancient Vedic astrologers, Anyway, from that day on I was in no doubt about leaving the Western approach alone and began to learn about this most detailed and comprehensive astrological system on Earth that has been the guiding inspiration of Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Tibetan and especially Western astrology.