Icons-Land Vista Style Base Software Icons Set
Product Detail
Product name:  Icons-Land Vista Style Base Software Icons Set
Publisher:  5Pro Software GbR 
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Platform:  Platform Independent
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Price:  $90.00
Commission:  30.00%
Icons: 754
Formats: .PNG
Colors: TrueColor+Alpha
Sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

This new icon set contains lots of icons and modifications suitable for every type of software and web sites. It contains icons that mean actions, objects and states.


Please download Base Software Icons Set Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List:

Abacus, Alarm Clock, Arrow, Auction Hammer, Badge, Barcode, Bell, Binoculars, Book, Box, Brick, Brick Wall, Calendar, Cancel, Cash Stack, Check Mark, Circle, Clock, Close, Coins, Compasses, Computer, Cone, Contacts, Copy, Credit Card, Cup, Cut, Delay, Delete, Dollar Symbol, Door, Drawing Pin, Edit, Electric Sign, Email Symbol, Eraser, Euro Symbol, Favorites, File, Filter, First Aid Kit, Flag, Flashlight, Folder, Gears, Glasses, Globe, Gold, Graph Area, Graph Columns, Graph Line, Graph Pie, Hammer, Hand, Heart, Help, Home, Hougrlass, IE, Indicator, Info, Keys, Lamp, Lego, Lightning, Link, Lock, Magnet, Magnifier, Mail, Mail Box, Megaphone, Minimize, Minus, Money, New, Newspaper, Notebook, Paper Bag, Paper Clip, Paste, Pause Player, Pen, Pencil, Percent Symbol, Piggy Bank, Play, Plus, Police Badge, Pound Sterling Symbol, Power, Printer, Print Preview, Protractor, Puzzle, Quote, Recycle Bin, Redo, Refresh, Report, Ring Bouy, Ruler, Safe, Save, Scale, Scissors, Screwdriver, Script, Sheet, Shield, Shopping Basket, Shopping Cart, Shutdown, Sledge Hammer, Sleep, Spanner, Spray Paint, Stop, Stop Player, Stopwatch, Suitcase, Summation Symbol, Switch, Table, Tablet, Target, Thumbs, Toolbox, Tools, Traffic Lights, Umbrella, Undo, User, User Group, Vault Door, Wallet, Warning, Window, Window Shades, Wizard, Write, Yen Symbol, Zoom.