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"Japanese wallet phones" (single copy license, version 16 of May 18, 2014, pdf file, no warranty, no damage payments) (Eurotechnology Japan K. K.) $2,375.00 50.00%
Single copy license for single user. Version 16 of May 18, 2014
approx. 190 pages, 20 Figures, 80 Photographs, 6 Tables
pdf-format, 4.9 Mbyte, for immediate download, no warranty, no damage payments
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60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet ( $19.99 50.00%
Now you can learn the Thai alphabet in minutes, with this advanced visual memory technique! Travellers to Thailand, tourists and Business people will all find this ebook essential for travelling or working in Thailand!
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NATO-RUSSIA Military & Political Dictionary (I. Sharshakov dba Author) $19.45 40.00%
Learn military and political terms in English and in Russian.
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TheGreatSecretsofAction ( $37.00 50.00%
"The Great Secrets of Action: A Goldmine of Ideas to Stimulate Action and Life" If you want to take action on projects and in your life, this book will be indispensable to you. You'll learn principles and ideas, that will improve your efficiency, and guard against thieves of time, energy and enthusiasm.
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