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AimAtSite IE Toolbar (AimingTech) $19.90 30.00%
AimAtSite IE Toolbar is a complete search solution for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows XP or Windows 2000. The toolbar provides high performance History search, Favorites search, Current page search and other functionality.
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Arabic Language Keyboard Support (pcfone) $17.00 5.00%
This software lies in the internationalization field, this is mainly written to enable the people who don't have Arabic enabled windows to write Arabic. Two years ago when I started this software, I made it for German PCs and it was mainly for windows 98. This version corrects previous problems. The Arabic keyboard support v5 is for windows XP and windows 98 but needs internet explorer 5.5 or more to function properly..
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Domain Extractor Basic (Iconico, Inc.) $9.50 25.00%
Find domain names easily by simply browsing the web.

For Windows
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DownloadStudio (Conceiva) $24.95 40.00%
DownloadStudio is an ultra-fast download manager that gets everything on the web. It contains over 12 specialized downloading tools for downloading movies, TV shows, music, programs, games, photos, podcasts, RSS feeds and web sites. Features include accelerated downloads, resume broken downloads, schedule downloads for a later time and more! Works with all popular web browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.
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HistoryHound (St. Clair Software) $14.95 7.00%
HistoryHound gives you the ability to search through ALL of the text on any web page you've visited or bookmarked in a major browser.
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LinkStash (XRayz Software) $24.95 30.00%
LinkStash is our superb bookmarks/favorites manager which works for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.. Includes secure encrypted password safe with complete automated password control for automatic website logon, and exclusive dead link check and updating. One day with LinkStash and we're betting you'll never want to use IE favorites or Chrome bookmarks again!

Electronic download only

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My Personal Translator (DeskShare) $79.95 20.00%
Language Translation Software allows you to Translate Word Documents between 14 Language Pairs. You can even Translate Foreign Web Sites while surfing.
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