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Take Control of Your Digital Legacy (alt concepts inc.) $15.00 30.00%
How do you want to be remembered? A will takes care of your physical possessions, but what about your digital life — photos, email, files, and the like? If you want to pass your electronic ephemera on as part of your digital legacy, turn to tech expert Joe Kissell for advice on dealing with large quantities of data, file formats, media types, the need for a “digital executor,” and more. 127 pages. Version 1.0.
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Take Control of Your Productivity (alt concepts inc.) $14.99 30.00%
Simple to do lists and calendars are no match for today's complex productivity needs. Productivity expert Jeff Porten walks you step by step through a system that helps you manage personal and business tasks fluidly, without having to worry that something might fall through the cracks. 168 pages. Version 1.0.
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TheGreatSecretsofAction ( $37.00 50.00%
"The Great Secrets of Action: A Goldmine of Ideas to Stimulate Action and Life" If you want to take action on projects and in your life, this book will be indispensable to you. You'll learn principles and ideas, that will improve your efficiency, and guard against thieves of time, energy and enthusiasm.
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