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Bookpedia ( $18.00 20.00%
Book cataloging software, with an iTunes look and feel, written for Mac OS X in 100% Cocoa. It retrieves information online based on keywords, titles or ISBN.
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CDpedia ( $18.00 20.00%
CDpedia is a CD cataloging software to help you keep track of your CD collection. It integrates with iTunes to let you know what songs you have imported from your collection and retrieves more information about your CDs from the internet.
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DVDpedia ( $18.00 20.00%
DVDpedia is a DVD cataloging software that lets you to organize your DVD collection in a simple and efficient manner. To save you time and effort, it retrieves all information for you from the Internet.
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Gamepedia ( $18.00 20.00%
Gamepedia is a game cataloging software that allows you to retrieve information about your game collection from the Internet, saving you time and effort.
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