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LargeEdit 1.0 (Netlegger Systems) $0.00 40.00%
LargeEdit allows you to open text files that are massive in size. Exported data files can be quickly opened, searched, and updated. LargeEdit also provides professionals with a generalized code edited, with syntax highlighting for many languages.
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LargeEdit 2.0 (Netlegger Systems) $0.00 40.00%
Professional development/editing software designed for IT professionals working with numerous programming languages and large data files. LargeEdit has over 300 customizable highlighters, Multi-Tabbed, Script Macros, Project Explorer, Templates, xslt Transforms, Web Viewer, Toolbars, Keyboard Macros, plus much more...
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SQLXP 3.0 (Netlegger Systems) $0.00 40.00%
SQL development tool designed to help SQL developers working with many types of databases.
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